Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vacation in Ria Apartments, Genting Highlands

Vacation in Ria Apartments, Genting Highlands

Vacation in Ria Apartments, Genting Highlands
For Ghost hunters and busters, RIA Apartments and remaining sister resorts and hotels like Amber Court, First World Hotel, at Genting Highland in the state of Pahang, is the perfect location to look for eerie and unnatural tales and stories.
Despite many negative comments from people who have stayed there, it has become a magnet of ghost hunters or ghost busters.
The casino is in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia and is open daily 24 hours. The casino's 200,000 square foot gaming space features 3,000 gaming machines and 500 table games. It is the only casino in the country.

A number of the casino’s clients have unfortunately committed suicides and the negative perception give rise to lots of eerie paranormal tales and stories. Whether these stories are real or not, it is up to you to decide.

Ria Apartments in Genting Highlands

Justine and Paul decided to take their girlfriends for a short vacation at RIA Apartments in Genting Highlands. Nothing unusual for the first day except they had a great time at the theme park and decided to go again the next day. However, they did not make it to the theme park at it was raining heavily. Justine and Paul had already been warned that about spending their time gambling in the casino…blah! blah!
Fortunately the girls (or unfortunately) brought along the dvd disks of some love stories that they wanted to watch in the dvd player. After a while, Paul decided to go cook instant noodles in the kitchen from their apartment. Meanwhile Justine tired of the show in the player, also decided to join Paul for noodles in the kitchen.

View of the interior of the apartmen

When he walked from the living room to the kitchen, he was utterly speechless that 3 pontianaks (female vampires) were squatting in the kitchen cupboard. Their legs were tucked to their bodies with their knees facing upwards and soles of their feet facing the kitchen cupboard. Their looked were absolutely angry and were staring at Paul, who had his back facing outwards and was busy cooking.
Justine was completely dazed and he went back to join the 2 girls who was still watching their movie. After a while, when the girls noticed Justine’s strange expressions, they finally asked what is wrong. Initially Justine kept quiet but repeated queries from the girls, he finally stammered there are 3 pontianaks (female vampires) in the kitchen with Paul!
Shock and totally terrified, the 2 girls forced Justine to go along with them to the kitchen. All they saw was Paul happily cooking alone!


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