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WWII Japanese Soldier Headless Apparition

WWII Japanese Soldier Headless Apparition
I was living in the state of Penang with my parents and my siblings when I was 15 years old. We were staying at a Government rows of semi-detached houses which has been demolished to cater for recent developments. The old and majestic British semi-detached houses also known as “beach house” which was the location of the Japanese Military Headquarters during the Second World War.

Old Cemetary at Farquhar Street

Anyway, I could not sleep and so I decided to read my storybook instead. It was about 1am when I realized that I have left my storybook on the ground floor in the Living room. I did not take switch on the light as I was lazy besides the moonlight streaming from the old huge casement windows provided enough light.
Seawall to the “Beach House”

As I was grabbing the storybook from the Living Room, I heard faint sound…a light tapping sound from the television room. So I crept silently to that room and in the moonlight I saw a translucent figure dressed in full Japanese military attire …...minus his head!!! Yeaah! I had to grabbed my hands to my mouth to quite (and maybe to keep my teeth from clattering!) The headless soldier was oblivious to everyone and had to use both hands in front his body and he staggering or swaying…(like his lost something…maybe his head!) This went on for a couple of minutes and then he staggered and swayed away to the kitchen.
With my hands firmly clamped about my mouth, I rushed to my bedroom upstairs and into my blanket and covered myself for the rest of the night.
I heard from the other neighbor ladies that they have seen the headless soldier themselves.
Some people believe that those have died that way, will go through the most painful events that mark their unfortunate death. I sometime wonder, actually what did the Japanese soldiers do the chopped head?
Japanese ghost refers to any shade or being dressed like a soldier Japan . Often it is associated with the places where the army headquarters had made ​​during World War II , the Japanese conquest of Malaysia .
Place considered area are building boarding schools , government offices and important buildings which have developed during World War II.
Often it is seen whether armed with guns or swords, without head
Sometimes, he said to armed marches at night (without head), with sound clatter of boots of  army soldiers.

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  1. Just research Samurai code of conduct Bushido. When they lose in battle, when their honor and integrity is strip away...Seppuku they will get someone else to behead their head and Harakirithey themselves would step into their intestine to be an honorable warrior.


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