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Rifle Range Flats Ghost

Rifle Range Flats Ghost
Rifle Range Flats is the largest low cost housing scheme in the state of Penang. Its area is made of crowdy, dirty, noisy people and the lack of security in terms of Police or guards. The flats consist of Blocks A, B,(inside) and C,D and E. Rifle Range Flats is located in Air Itam in Penang. There are a lack of basic amenities such as halls, playground, carparking etc for the community in Rifle Range Flats. Rifle Range was part of the cemetery and during WW2 it was reported to be the place Japanese armies killed their captives.

View of Rifle Range Flats in Penang

Julian is 17 years and his grandparents live in Rifle Range Flats on Block D on the 12 floor. He spent almost every day for a few hours at his grandparents’ flat just taking care of their needs. He even brought the groceries, he cooks (at least he tries but his grandma insist on doing) and even cleaning up their place. He goes with his parents to his grandparents on Sundays (when his parents are not working).
One evening after spending his time with his grandparents, he was on alone on the lift going down. Then a guy got to lower floor and got on the lift and Julian said a simple ‘hi’ to him. The guy did not acknowledge to Julian’s greeting. Julian thought that maybe the guy had a rough day but he was a bit weird and freakish as he walk backwards on to the lift. As Julian was standing at the back lift, he could only see the back of the guy, who walked backwards towards the lift.
Then we went to another lift on a lower floor and there was a mother and a 16 year daughter who suddenly looked so shock and terrified at the guy. The guy just walked away without looking at the mother and daughter. The mother and daughter must have looked so confused that Julian had to ask whether they still want to get on lift. They quickly got on to the lift but still looking frightened and terrified.
Confused about the behavior of the mother’s and daughter’s reaction, Julian politely ask if everything was alright. They both look at each other with absolute terror in their eyes and the mother muttered, “the guy have no eyes!”
Note: It been said according to Chinese legend that have said that ghost that have no eyes, have killed somebody previously in their live.

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