Friday, August 24, 2012

Haunting at Shopping Mall

Haunting at Shopping Mall
Felicia Heng is a shop assistant at a retail store at a popular shopping mall. At peak shopping seasons Felicia have to work late, sometimes after 2 to 3am.  Where they had to take the daily receipts and to reconciled or match with the amount of the purchased stocks sold.  They even had to eat their dinners in their stores in the mall.

View of Shopping Mall in normal time

The stores by then of course will be closed and locked and they will have to call the security guards to let them out. Then will be leave the shopping malls under escorted by security guards.


After Shopping Mall when it is deserted
However, Felicia and other shopping assistants are terrified of strange apparitions and eerie sounds after the stores during late nights. They have distinct clear sound of children laughing and happily skipping except when nobody can be possibly around at 12am to 3 am. The invisible ghostly sound of the children are playing and enjoying themselves are truly baffling and really terrifying to Felicia and her friends…yeeck! freaking out!
One of Felicia’s colleague has even seen apparitions of little kids actually running around the empty corridors of the stores. They seemed unaware, as in a world of their own, the kids are laughing, giggling and walking and then simply disappeared in the empty thin air! Huh?
Regardless of the hauntings and the ghostly apparitions with the present economic and social situation of the country leave they left without a choice, they need desperately their jobs…sigh!


  1. Such atrocious English spoils the enjoyment of reading your stories. Work on your language if you want to continue blogging. This kind of expression is unacceptable. Please improve.

  2. I must agree. However,if you read his blogs on engineering they are written in near-perfect language. I wonder if a massive stroke could do such a cruel thing to a person. The poor expression/grammar and spelling errors really spoil the enjoyment of the stories. I hope Chris will make a conscious effort to edit b4 posting. TQ

  3. TheScribe I will try to improve my writing. tq


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