Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toyol at it again

Toyol at it again
Toyol is a genie or a supernatural creature as mentioned in the Malay mythology. Toyol, it has a small stature and having a baby physique with only a height of 15-20cm. His skin was red and chubby red with protruding eyes quite a bit. It has prominent with forehead, wide mouth and a bald head. It is from the jinn or genie who are used by people to make money and get rich quick from others.
This incident occurred when Ami was studying at a local college and she stayed with her friends at a hostel. One day came back from her classes in college, when she saw an ugly blood stain on a small section of the wall just above the floor of the hostel. Ami angrily shouted at her friends, who were in the bedroom, who was responsible for the stain. Her three friends got out of the bedroom, wondering what were the commotion all about. When they saw the blood stain, they were surprised and the three friends flatly denied of doing it.
Ami and her friends then got together with pails, brushes and lots of water to clean the stain.  Instead of removing the stain, it got even worse. It was twice the size compared to previous stain.
Ami and her friends then consulted a ‘bomoh’ (a traditional medical practitioner) while mumbling incantations concluded that the stain was caused by the supernatural. The ‘bomoh’ and his assistants managed to clean the stain.
After a few weeks the blood stain back and it got worse, there were bloody tiny footprints on the wall. One of Ami’s friends one night accidentally even saw a small creature crawling on the wall!!! Eeek!
Ami and her friends have to get another ‘bomoh’ for a thorough cleaning to get rid of the supernatural.

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