Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Karaoke Uninvited Guest

Karaoke Uninvited Guest
Bosco is a mechanic at car shop in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. This happened recently during a Sunday night when he and 4 of friends are feeling a bit restless. So after dinner, they went to a local Karaoke lounge. Actually, they went to a place named Gold Mine KTV Lounge (which gained notoriety many years ago when the KL Magistrate’s Court fined one of its GROs (Guest Relation Officer) for table-top dancing – (she was only clad in a G-string - ha!ha! what they really need!] 
Inside View of Karaoke Lounge

Bosco and his 4 friends sang out their hearts with Chinese songs and drank their lots of beer  (…probably lamenting that their girlfriends did not want to go – hee! hee!)
Having had the fill of singing and beer they finally reluctantly went to pay the cashier. The cashier told them the amount and they disagreed with the sum as it was too much. On further consultation they found that the cashier was charged for 6 persons…but they argued there were only 5 of them.
The cashier was sure they were 6 of them and she played the CCTV recording of their room and sure enough there were 6 of them. The 6th person was a girl with shoulder length hair and she was sitting by herself on the left of the sofa. However, they did not recognize the girl. Curious 5 of them together with the cashier went to the karaoke room but the girl was nowhere to be seen. Eeekk! They realized that the girl was a ghost!

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