Tuesday, July 3, 2012

S.K (1) Kuala Ampang , Ampang in Selangor – haunted school

S.K (1) Kuala Ampang , Ampang in Selangor – haunted school

SK (1) Kuala Ampang, (also known as Sekolah Kebangsaan (1) Kuala Ampang) is located in Jalan Awan in Selangor, Malaysia.

SK (1) Kuala Ampang is reputed to be haunted

Map of Ampang in Selangor

Schools have long being reputed of ghostly tales and unnatural sightings.

Purported Hauntings :
·         reports of taps in the toilet running by itself
·         eerie voices and whispers in classrooms & offices at night
·         sightings of a lady in white apparition walking behind the school  compound
·         saw a black apparition in women’s toilet and saw footsteps on the wet floor.


  1. Most of these are just urban legend. I studied at one of the oldest school in Malaysia (100 years old), namely ACS Klang, where it was used during WW2. Never encounter anything strange in all my years, even when I'm alone in the old rooms.

  2. Wow! ACS Klang is a old school. SK (1) Kuala Ampang is reported to be haunted.Maybe just legend but you never know.

  3. By the looks of the school building , it is indeed not more than a decade old . Those ghost tales are most probably urban legends . I was studying in a fairly new school and there were so-called 'pocong' sightings at night . It wasn't even built on a cemetery ! So yeah , urban legend .

  4. Yah!! That picture is my school !! Sejak bile sekolah aku located at jalan awan ?? Lol ..


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