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Chung Ling School, Penang – haunted school

Chung Ling School, Penang – haunted school

Chung Ling High School is located in the capital of George Town in Penang. It is also known as S.M.J.K. Chung Ling Pulau Pinang.

School Emblem of Chung Ling High School

Another view of Chung Ling High School

The school was originally was first established in the year 1923. The school in 1941 was taken over by the British Army to be used as a military hospital. During the Japanese Occupation during the World War 2, it conducted a massacre against the Chinese Malayan under the term "purging of Chinese". Some the teachers and students from Chung Ling were killed the Japanese Occupiers.
Due to the colourful history of the school and maybe of the Japanese Occupation during 2nd World War, there’s inevitably countless of unnatural stories of haunting and ghosts.
Purported Hauntings :
Library Room – the lightings repeatedly turn and on.
Ghostly soldiers marching in the school field or school corridors. Some of the ghost soldiers or dead students are headless. Why are ghostly Japanese soldiers headless?
Hysteria are common occurrence – the sight of headless entities.
Toilets – where the water are repeated turned on and off.
Pack of street dogs will gather there and they will bark and howl, when there is nothing there.


  1. yikes!! i'm now studying here, as form 1.. T_T
    also, I heard that the old basketball court is also haunted,are there any evidence about this ?

    1. yo tiong leng kia, i study 5 years liao..didnt experience anything... yet gua..hahaha

  2. LOL what a joke I ate the ghosts too they're yummy! XD


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