Monday, July 23, 2012

Flying Ghost

Flying Ghost
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (also known as UTM) is located in Skudai in the state of Johore. It is one of the oldest public and technological university in Malaysia. UTM is located in an area of 1222 hectares in Skudai and has a total of over 17,000 full-time students.
UTM’s Main Entrance

Azmin decided to take his younger brother back to his dormitory in Skudai after his holiday. Besides Azmin have a couple of clients to meet in Johor Baru and then back to Melaka.
As he was driving, his brother busy yapping talking about everything, and Azmin noticed that it was getting dark as it was about 7pm. He was already in the largest forest portion on the to Skudai and after that he will drive to Johor Baru.
UTM location with surrounding forest

He looked at the rear window of his Honda CRV and through the gloom of the night, it looks like a bat-like figure at the back of his car. The bat-like was getting nearer to his car although he was pressing the accelerator and driving much faster. His brother was still preoccupied with his stories and was unaware of the situation.
He constantly peered in the rear view of his car when he was shocked shitless.  The bat-like figure was flying and now it was directly behind his back windscreen. He could barely out the features, it resembled an old woman, and her long hair was plastered about her head from the wind. He nearly peed in his pants.
He drove as fast as possible to the campus and he finally looked at the back of his car and make sure that bat-like was not following his car. The car park was lit out and other people were around.  Tired and relief, he helped his brother with his luggage. 
He went with his brother for a drink and told his brother about the “Pontianak” that he saw. Anyway, he slept at his brother’s room and only left the next day (at a different route!).


  1. is this real? cause I'm a current UTM student? where did you saw the bat-like feature? can you tell me?

  2. Hi Yohnny,
    It was told by a friend and its real according to him. Did you see any "bat-like" creature yourself? Anyway I heard that such incidents are quite common in Johor. Please do let me know if you have any unnatural stories. Thanks.


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