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Boarding House Ghostly Tales

Boarding House Ghostly Tales
Public school boys and girls are regularly sent (Malays mostly) to live in boarding houses. In the state of Pahang, the largest state in the peninsula of Malaysia, is no exception. The ethnic composition of Malays which formed the largest group followed by Chinese and Indians.
State of Pahang in Malaysia
This is a story about the going-ons of life in a boarding house in Pahang. As expected, boarding schools are not complete without tales of eerie and spooky of haunting and ghosts.
Some of the haunting and unnatural tales are :
1.       It was night, in a long corridor above the rooms where people are housed, a white apparition was spotted moving erratically in the narrow walkway.
2.       On particularly nights, at the back of the dining room, there are wails of a screaming woman (no body was found).
3.       A Pontianak (vampire) shows a woman with long black hair and clad in white cloth flying was seen lurking in the trees in the compound of the boarding house.
4.       A white figure found flying and floating in the back of the outhouse in the bath near the hostel unit.
5.       Doors and windows moving where there are no wind
6.       Sighting of ‘orang minyak’, mythical legends about people covered in oil but believed to the connected with the supernatural.

Definition :
Pontianak is also sometimes known as “Malay Lady Dracula” or lady ghost. Also known in the folklore to mean not spirit but undead vampire created after women die in childbirth. Pontianak usually announces its presence through baby cries and turned themselves into beautiful lady and kill the unlucky people who enter or pass through their vicinity. It usually disguised itself as a beautiful young lady to attract its victim (usually male). Its presence sometimes can be detected by a nice floral fragrance of the ‘kemboja’ (a type of flower) followed by an awful stench afterwards. The distance of a pontianak cries are very is dependent on the loudness of it shriek. The Malays believe that if the cry is soft means that the pontianak is near and if it is loud then it must be far.
The ‘Orang Minyak’ is one of a number of Malay ghost myth and legend. ‘Orang Minyak’ can be translated which means oily man in Malay language. The paranormal creature is connected to the world of the supernatural.
Haunting & ghosts or mere Myths still persists in Boarding schools in every country. Do they still carry on as a illusion of mankind imagination?

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