Friday, July 27, 2012

RIA Apartments in Genting Highlands

RIA Apartments in Genting Highlands
Local “ghost hunters” have described RIA Apartments in Genting Highlands, Pahang, as one of the most haunted place in Malaysia.
Some comments from other clients:
“I went to genting a montha go and that ria apartment looks so deserted and not to forget spooky” said one of the client.
“lol... i think this apartment was one of the scariest apartment in malaysia last time, because there's alot cases of people suicide at there last time so there's alot rumours saying it's haunted. my friend was sponsor by genting for a perfomance there during cny few years back ago, he say he and few other friends heard "sounds" at the living room... But i dunno whether it's true or not, for me it's better to stay at a better hotel at least can make our heart more comfort even it cost more.” To quote another client.
“I was really astonished when arrived in this place. its not a WOW place or positive situation. its extremely a terrible room i ever stay during holiday trip.. oh my goodness, really i can't stop praying in my heart and praise God please protect our family. Well i have a instinct that this place is not a good place. from entrance, while i was talking with the front desk staff to check in our room, unfriendly said that our room is not in this building, he ask me go to to the next building Pahang go to the third floor and ask those receptionist. when go that building , the lift there and around there is kinda scaryy. when we check in the room is dirty, an old room and scary situation surrounded. at the night when we sleep, i can't even sleep tightly, there lots of noise with people walking, woman talking, children playing, water flow in the bathroom in middle of the night, there's a knock knock in our door. my uncle go to the outside and saw who knocked door, damn NO ONE! oh please.. we find this place when all hotel full in Genting highland. we stay for a night and this really a bad place ever.” From a disgruntled client.
A view of RIA Apartment in Genting Highlands

As advertise as “Surrounded by mother nature and cool fresh air, Ria Apartments offers holiday-makers a relaxing stay. It is the place that offers both comfort and affordability.” Ria Apartments
Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Some of these stories are a family rented an apartment in RIA apartment for his whole family. One night a female family member, while sleeping heard a whisper in her whether she wants to spend her time there (a translation in Chinese-lah).
Another client while taking a shower felt a cold wind blow at his back and there was nobody around.
Another story tells of a girl who was her boyfriend in the living room and she suddenly looked so frightened that her boyfriend asked her whats wrong. Terrified she said that she saw the head of a flying man from the kitchen to the bedroom!
There are so many stories about eerie and strange encounters with RIA apartments. Maybe I should relate more accounts later. It is late…before I am too scared to sleep.

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