Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Supernatural Tales from Taiwan & Malaysia

Supernatural Tales from Taiwan & Malaysia

Two stories about supernatural or paranormal experiences from both Taiwan & Malaysia. In Taiwan a youth claims his BFF (best friend forever) is a ghost. For Malaysia a young girl claims to talk with her with her deceased grandmother.


14 year old, Kenny is the only child and stays with his parents in the capital Taipei in Taiwan. His parents were having problems in their relationship and to add to that, Kenny has started mixing with the wrong crowd.

Desperate for a solution and as it was during school holidays, his parents decided that he should go Mrs Wu who lives in the small town in province of Yilan. Kenny’s mother is the sister of Mrs Wu who is widow and lives with her son Victor. Kenny who thinks that 12 year old Victor with thick glasses is a nerdy brat who proudly inform everyone that his best friend is a ghost!

One day Victor volunteered to pick up the prepared food for dinner from a lady as Mrs Wu had to the 2nd shift at work. As Kenny walked back to the apartment he noticed that the TV was loudly blaring away and he heard Victor was happily chatting by himself.

Putting the food away, a totally fed-up Kenny walked to the living room to confront Victor. When he reached the room, Victor was at side facing yapping with the TV facing directly. Kenny stopped absolutely shock ..the empty rocking chair beside Victor … was gently rocking away by itself!!!


Some people believe that some young children are more likely feel the presence of the paranormal or ghosts. I have also written of these experiences in my blog.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ghosts Everywhere!

Ghosts Everywhere!

There are ghosts and they can be anywhere!

A Taoist sifu (master) said to me that most people do not seemed to realize but ghosts can come and go anywhere. The Chinese for example called them as wandering or roaming ghosts. (would really appreciate if anybody could provide these type of ghosts of Malay, Indians, Iban, etc)  These ghosts or departed spirits will roam anywhere but probably within the country.

 Public Offering during Hungry Ghost Month

Mrs Cheong told me about the eerie experience that her son and daughter had in a public tuition center. Her son Troy, 15 year-old, had finished his English class and was waiting for his younger sister, Kandi, for her music class to be over in another hour.

Troy went back to the usual mamak stall and with a coke he sat faced sideways with his stool and his back resting on the table. After thirty minutes he heard a voice at the back  of his table. It was Kandi and she was looking at Troy as he casually asked, “Tuition over?”

Kandi did not reply but was just looking at him with a crazy smirk like smile. Crazy girl, Troy thought as he went back to game on his phone. Ten minutes later he felt his sister tugging on his back shoulder which he shrugged off.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Locked Room

The Locked Room

Landlord rented to tenants with a locked room in memory of their dead son.

Roger Ling rented a shared bedroom with Anand in Sungai Petani in the state of Kedah. The master bedroom was rented to a married couple but the third room was locked. The uncle and aunty (Mr  & Mrs Lee)  told that room was securely locked and it was their dead son’s room. The tenants were told that room had many sweet memories for them and were warned that they under no circumstances would they be allow from going to that room.  

Mr & Mrs Lee also mentioned that their daughter has been persistent that they should stay with her. Their daughter argued that with them there it will be easier to look after them especially if they are sick.

Over the next few months nothing really happened except Roger and other tenants heard faint shuffling & squeaking sounds especially at nights. They thought it must be rats or some rodents in the house.

 One day Roger woke up in the late morning and as expected all tenants have left for work. As Roger is a student in a local college and that day he had afternoon classes. Roger went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and followed up with a quick shower.

As he was walking to his bedroom his mobile phone started to ring with his usual ring tone. He turned and looked down to mobile phone with the charger connected to it. The charger with its wires was there but the mobile phone was not there. Thinking he must have left the mobile phone in the bathroom, he rushed to the bathroom.

Typical Mobile Phone

As Roger was walking to the bathroom he suddenly realized the ring tones was coming in the side. He turned his head….the ring tones was coming from the locked bedroom!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mere Coincidence

Mere Coincidence

Some of the people I met told me that they had faced scary and unnatural situations but instead decided to brush it off as only mere coincidence.

There are some on the other hand who claimed that they have visited haunted places and they did find anything and thereby concluded that ghosts do not exist. In any case here are two stories of people who said it was just “mere coincidence” of their incidents.

Karmila and her husband went to Hotel Equatorial in Melaka for a few days. Karmila had to attend a meeting and her husband was on holiday. On that particular day Kamila came back early while her husband was still sightseeing.

Bathroom Facilities in Hotel Equatorial in Melaka

As it was still early, Karmila took an afternoon nap and after that decided to go for a shower. After she was done, she was at the bathroom mirror when unexpected she the sound of her husband opening their hotel door.

She was slightly puzzled as she clearly remembered her husband said the tour was a full day. Karmila called out to her husband but did there was response. Hate it when they don’t answer, she wrapped her towel about her body and when looking for her husband. She went to the living room and there was nobody there, she even when to their bedroom…there was nobody there. Karmila thought the sound must be one of the customer’s opening their front door.

She went to the bathroom and was vigorously rubbing her hair when she looked down the towel and noticed a pair of feet! She jumped backwards on impulse to get away and saw ….nothing.
Karmila claimed that it was just her imagination but ….

 The other story is about Mrs Yam who spent almost 2 months after the birth of her grandchild. Mrs Yam being a traditional woman insisted of cooking for her daughter-in-law during the confinement period.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

What The Heck!

What The Heck!
“What The Heck!” startled she let out a short muffled scream as she quickly jumped back ….

Toni is a somewhat tom-boyish girl of 23 had a job interview in Termeloh in Pahang. The town is located in the central portion of the state and is second largest after the state capital Kuantan.
Toni’s mother had contacted her cousin, Mrs Tee, and luckily managed to persuade her cousin to let her daughter to stay with them for a couple of days.

Toni met up his Mrs Tee together with her husband and two sons. They lived in the outskirt of Temerloh town in a partially concrete and wooden house. She was given a back room that was that was behind the kitchen. Mrs Tee explained that they have to clear up that tiny room which was originally used as a store for the family.

That night Toni was extremely tired for having taken a bus trip from her hometown. As she was about to fall asleep she notice that the air in that room was strangely getting cooler. She wrapped her make-shift blanket around her body and she was so tired she just slept.

Toni went for her job interview and she was back at the Tee’s house. She found the family extremely friendly especially aunty Tee. That night after she got to bed, she awoke to a very strong smell of Tiger Balm medication. Looking at her watch which shows 2 am, she wondered whether everyone were alright.

Tiger Balm Ointment

Tiger balm is a menthol-based soothing heat rub ointment herbal remedy for pain-relieving headaches, muscle ache or even itchiness.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ghost Festival Rituals

Ghost Festival Rituals

Two real life encounters with ghostly beings during Ghost Festivals.

The Ghost Festival is a traditional Chinese or Taoist festival celebrated on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month. The 15th day of the seventh lunar month is called is known as “Ghost Month.” Many people believe that during that month the sector are Heaven, Hell and the Earth and restless ghosts will freely roam the earth.

Ghost Festival rituals of joss sticks, incense, paper money, prepared food, wine and tea are offered to these temporary ‘guests’. One of the main highlights of the festival is the Chinese operas, usually held on temporary bamboo stages, to appease the wandering spirits from the otherworld.

Laden with Offerings for Hungry Ghost Festival

Here are two truly terrifying stories about peoples’ actual experience during the dark month.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Deceased Loved Ones

Deceased Loved Ones

I have heard numerous stories of people’s ghostly encounters in graveyards, hospitals, or even in shopping malls.

A Tombstone of a Piano in a local Memorial Park

However its actually touching that some spirits seemed to “relive” their whole existence just being closed to someone for the rest of lives. At times, they seem to spend their whole life of their natural or unnatural lives with their hosts until the hosts die. Let me relate to you of two similar stories that I have personally encountered.

1st Story
I am especially close to a young girl, Kelly (at that time) when she finally married with a great guy and together they stayed with the Jay’s parents. The courtship lasted over 10 years and throughout that time together they faced tough times like when the young man lost his only and younger brother from illness and the time Kelly had a miscarriage of their first child but of course to much happier times together.

One day, a close friend Jay who was working in Singapore came back to KL and looking for a permanent place to stay. Jay’s close friend also invited a famous medium from Singapore to have a look at his apartment. Jay and Kelly were equally excited as they were trying to buy a neighbor’s unit and merge their 2 units together.

When they finally reached the ‘2’ apartments, the medium was busy looking at all the nooks and crannies and were generally satisfied except for some minor renovations that he wanted. After the visit to their apartments, they went to an eating place near the budget hotel room that they rented a room for the medium (there is a belief that allow the mediums can only accept Spartan or frugal gifts).

While eating, the medium casually said….”looks like you got 2 regulars ghost spirts in your house …a young boy and a baby spirit!” Kelly and Jay were completely shocked (as only their closest family members were aware……Jay’s younger brother died in parents apartment and the baby ghost can only refer to Kelly’s miscarriage a few years back!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are You There?

Are You There?

Paranormal or Supernatural Activities, are they real – or just a wild figment of one’s imagination? It’s up to you to believe or not.

 Eye Blinking image of a hovering “Child Ghost”

1st Story
For the first story, Lionel Yee and his friends decided to go to Kuala Terengganu for their vacation. Kuala Terengganu is located in the state of Terengganu which lies in the eastern region of Peninsula Malaysia.

One night they decided to go for dinner at a well-known local food stall and by the time they got there it was already after 8 pm. The food stall was packed with customers and they had to wait for their turn. While waiting for their turn they went to an empty nearby field to chit-chat and to smoke. The field was relatively dark as the lights from the food stall were facing the other side. However there was a partial moon with moonlight shining dimly in the darkness.

Lionel suddenly felt something had hit him hard on the lower back directly above the head and he staggered wildly towards his friends. His friends were shocked as they rushed to help Lionel asking anxiously him what was wrong. Lionel spurned around turned and angrily glared, as he was sure that it was one of friends but…there was no one, not even a soul!

They went to their hotel after their meal at the food stall and Lionel kept complaining about the ache on his back. As he was undressing he looked at the back of his T-shirt but did not find any tear, not even a sign of a cut on the fabric. As Lionel was busy inspecting his T-shirt when one his friend accidentally looked up and was extremely shocked to find that Lionel’s back shoulder was bruised with a vicious blue-black mark!!

Was it a supernatural or paranormal spirit……

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hungry Ghost Festival in Asia

Hungry Ghost Festival in Asia
…the 7 year old sleepy boy went to go to the kitchen for a glass of water when he was taken aback, shocked to see a black shadowy figure on the outside right beside the window panes in the kitchen….

I must be a bit ignorant (or just poor in Geography) as I did not know that the Vietnamese also celebrated Hungry Ghost Festival. They celebrated with other Taoist or Buddhist followers from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even China have observed the age old tradition of paying respect to the death. These followers believe that the souls of the departed are freed from the Gates of Hell and given a month to roam earth realm during the 7th lunar month.

Joss Sticks and Food for the Dead Souls

Trang was only 7 year old when his parents thought it was best and much safer that he and his younger sister went to live temporarily with their grandmother place at a rural farm area in Vietnam. That was during the Vietnam War between the south and north Vietnam in the late seventies.

Trang’s parents decided to move him and his sister to their grandmother’s farm and so happened it was during the Hungry Ghost Festival. One night Trang suddenly woke up in the middle of the night at his Grandma’s one-storey farm house. His mouth and his throat was parched, realizing that his mother was back in Saigon to be with her husband and his grandma was fast asleep in the next room, Trang decided to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

The dining room was located beside Trang and his younger sister’s bedroom and the kitchen was directly behind that. The old hand sink in the kitchen with closed glass window panels was set above the basin. Half asleep Trang slowly walked past the dining room and onto the kitchen when he was stunned to see a black shadowy man-like figure out side in the frosted glass panel in the kitchen. He was not sure whether to scream or shout to warn his grandma about the intruder.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Followed Ghost Hunter Home

Followed Ghost Hunter Home

An amateur Ghost Hunter was shocked that ‘something’ followed her home!

Molly was a 17 year old who likes to follow her friends looking for haunted houses in their home town of Kota Tinggi in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Especially after SPM (a government exam) they were just bored and just wanted excitement besides Molly was naturally interested in the supernatural.

One night Molly and a group of her friends went to a derelict abandoned old folks’ home on the outskirt of town. It was pitch black when they finally found the exact location, it was a 2 storey bungalow with a rusty padlock hanging loose about the gate. They drove their car onto the small lane beside the old bungalow.

They made the way to the garden which was terribly overgrown with weeds and plants when some of them finally suggested that they will wait for them there. Molly and her friend, Rajoo, were furious with their suggestion and for changing their minds at the very last minute. Their pleas and threats fell on deaf ears as they were adamant that will only wait at the car.

Nevertheless Molly and Rajoo crept silently into the abandoned bungalow with their flashlights which only provided them with lights which were unfortunately not bright enough. They went through the broken front door and slowly went into the front hall, which were fill-up with broken furniture, weeds and with eerily massive cobwebs on the ceiling and walls.

They made to the kitchen which was located at the side of the bungalow when suddenly Molly heard a faint giggling sound from the front hall. Thinking it was her friends, Molly grabbed Rajoo and rushed to the front door but found nobody there. As Molly yelled at her friends not to play the fool she had a quick glimpse of shadows of a movement moving very fast up the staircase. Molly and Rajoo pounded up the stairs but found their friends were not there.

Later they were told by their friends who were waiting beside their car that they were busy chatting and they did not go anywhere. Molly thought it was just her imagination running wild and as such did not make too much of the incident.

Molly lived with her parents together with her elder brother, Eric, and sister, Cynthia. After a week from the incident, she noticed that things were not exactly right at her house. There were furious arguments between family members and especially between Eric and Cynthia. Being the eldest boy and girl they were close and had a loving sibling relationship but instead now they were fighting like dogs and cats, as if they could not even accept each other.

Even the house pet, a family cat named Tabby, had many weird and unexpected incidents. Tabby as usual would be busy grooming herself when she suddenly looking up and she will be frightened out of her mind. Tabby arched her back hissing all the while looking at a certain spot in the room. Then she would zoom away and be out of there at breakneck speed heading for the safety of Molly’s parents room!

The final straw came about when one night, Molly was watching TV alone in the living room. During the commercial break she went to kitchen for a glass of water when suddenly she felt something or somebody viciously yanked at the back of her hair. The tugged of her hair was so hard that she fell on her back and she let out a piercing scream. The rest of the family rushed out to the living room when they heard her scream wondering what was wrong. They discovered Molly was lying on her back sitting dazed and they anxiously asked what is going on.