Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tragic School Holidays

Tragic School Holidays

The last night, on the 7th day after Malcolm’s cousin, Weng Kai, died, there was a sound, of 2 people talking, and the only person there was his aunty (the cousin’s mother) and.....!

Malcolm See was an old classmate of mine, when we schooling in the seventies in Penang. He lives with his uncle and wife and only went back to his parents place in Ipoh (as both his parents were so busy with their jobs).

During a particular trip from Ipoh, they decided to go to Seremban in Negeri Sembilan (to visit their relatives) and then off to Singapore to spend during Christmas. At that morning before leaving for Singapore, they were informed that one his cousin, Weng Kai, just drowned in a tragic accident.
 It seemed, that his cousin (its’ the school holidays) and his friends went to an old disused abandoned tin mining pool to swim. They were so poor that they used to place plastic bags filled with air and used that as floats. 

Unfortunately, my Weng Kai’s float had a hole and he got into difficulties. Weng Kai’s friends tried to help but were unsuccessful and they rushed back to his cousin’s house whereby they informed the family had happened. They rushed to the abandoned mining pool, by that time Weng Kai’s body was already missing.

Then they informed their relatives in Seremban and the police. After rushing to Malcolm’s uncle and aunty’s house, they waited beside the overgrown bushes at the disused mining pool but Weng Kai’s body did not show up. By the 2nd day, they all went to the mining pool and waited for the whole day unsuccessfully as Weng Kai's body was stiill missing.  Malcolm’s uncle and the police then suggested to call the Navy divers who was based in Lumut in Perak.

After the next morning (the 3rd day) they gathered again at the abandoned mining pool and waited for the Navy divers. While waiting, a cousin saw Weng Kai’s body beside edge of the mining pool and they all rushed to inform the parents. Malcolm’s aunty (the mother of the dead cousin) rushed to the pool but was forcibly held back by the rest of the aunties. Weng Kai’s distraught father was also there and when everybody seemed reluctant to retrieve the cousin’s body, the Weng Kai’s father went down to the mining pool and gathered the body which was covered with greying weeds. Malcolm was told by some busybody aunties and elder cousins that it was not right for the father to touch the dead son in drowning case (as some believe that those who had died unexpectedly and young as especially with parents who are still alive would come back as humiliated and restless spirits).

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brother Ghost

Brother Ghost

A guy narrates how he saw his friend’s ghostly brother.

When I was visiting at Subang Medical Center recently, I met up with Matt Saw who was visiting his aunt at the hospital. The two of us were waiting for visiting time (4 pm) and we decided to have coffee at the cafeteria. We were chatting to pass the time when I casually mention paranormal stuff and he hesitantly said that he have witnessed strange voices and even felt their presence at times.

In fact Matt claimed that he actually seen a ghost once when he was drinking with some of his office colleagues at a restaurant. During that particular incident, he ran into his buddy, Sam, in the same place. Sam was walking out of the restaurant when he saw Matt and he wanted to say hullo.

While they were saying ‘hullo’ Matt noticed a boy who was about 16-17 years old standing beside Sam. That boy looked like Sam and before he can ask anything, he got a terrible shock…the teenage boy had no legs below his knees! A frightened Matt quickly looked at the teenager’s face which looked surprisingly pale with some blackish pigment with spots around his eyes and mouth. Suddenly the teenager looked directly at Matt, as if surprised that someone can actually see him and he just smiled. All these took place in just a few minutes and Sam left the restaurant together with the legless teenager.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ghost Stories 4

Ghost Stories 4

This is from a reader about an encountered with a female ghost when she was living in her old house in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.
“Thanks for letting me share my ghostly encounters. I seem to attract a number of them during my youth and it tapered off as I grow older. However I could usually sense something is not right but it's not a good feeling to have. I hv always wished tht I am more blur so that I would not encounter those things again.

Ok let's start with one of my scariest experience when I was in my early childhood which I recall when I was 10 or 11years. At tht time, my family rented a single storey house in PJ and it was an old house. It's toilet & shower was located at the back of the house and everytime if you need to do your business, we hv to pass an open space where it's grilled up and we can see the back portion of house. The creepiest part of the back portion is the single banana tree which gives off an ominous vibe and it used to scare me a lot.

Anyway, i have to get up very early morning ard 5am to get ready for the bus sekolah to pick me up as I would be one of the earliest student to be pick up. My room is located in front and it's windows are facing the front porch where a red Toyota Corolla parked, owned by a guy who rented our room. As I was standing up facing the window, buttoning my white shirt before slipping on the dark blue pinafore, I saw my mom next to the car, hanging some wet clothes to dry. Then I notice someone is in the car. Everything happens at slow motion here as I was puzzled who would be sitting in the car at such early hour and I thought our rent tenant is sleeping. As I went closer to the window, it became very clear tht it is a lady with very pale whitish greenish face with long black hair and she was glaring at me with so much anger in her eyes. At first it did not strike me as anything odd and then I suddenly realized tht I am looking right at a lady ghost and she is not happy at all! She looked really pissed off and when I realized that it was a ghost, I quickly squatted below the window feeling really scared. Well I did not dare to look out the window and I can hear my mom coming in the house. When I ask her whether did she see anyone in the car, she said no. So I kept quiet and quickly ran past the car without looking inside when my school bus arrived.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Closing an Old House

Closing an Old House
Ghostly events occurred when a woman and family helps her mother to relocate to their house.

Felicia was relived and overjoyed when her mother finally agreed to their pleas about her relocating to their home in Ipoh, Perak. Her mother had a stroke recently and she had pleaded with her mother it was her turn to look after her. Felicia’s hubby, Denis, agreed in fact they have decided to move her things to a private portion in their house so she can have privacy.

Felicia and her siblings grew-up together their parents in an old Chinese Village in a small town. As they grew up they moved away and Felicia feels that with her mother’s recent stroke, it is time to bring her home with them.

A Typical Chinese Village

When they arrived at the old house, Felicia’s daughter, Mandy 4 year-old, suddenly screamed and cried insisting on being carried by her father. When questioned by Felicia, she would only mumbled that it was “lar char” (translation: dirty). Unable to pacify or calm Mandy, they gave up and brought back Felicia’s mother to their home in Ipoh.