Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ghosts Everywhere!

Ghosts Everywhere!

There are ghosts and they can be anywhere!

A Taoist sifu (master) said to me that most people do not seemed to realize but ghosts can come and go anywhere. The Chinese for example called them as wandering or roaming ghosts. (would really appreciate if anybody could provide these type of ghosts of Malay, Indians, Iban, etc)  These ghosts or departed spirits will roam anywhere but probably within the country.

 Public Offering during Hungry Ghost Month

Mrs Cheong told me about the eerie experience that her son and daughter had in a public tuition center. Her son Troy, 15 year-old, had finished his English class and was waiting for his younger sister, Kandi, for her music class to be over in another hour.

Troy went back to the usual mamak stall and with a coke he sat faced sideways with his stool and his back resting on the table. After thirty minutes he heard a voice at the back  of his table. It was Kandi and she was looking at Troy as he casually asked, “Tuition over?”

Kandi did not reply but was just looking at him with a crazy smirk like smile. Crazy girl, Troy thought as he went back to game on his phone. Ten minutes later he felt his sister tugging on his back shoulder which he shrugged off.

A few minutes later Troy fell another tug from Kandi and Troy yelled, “Want what?” and angrily turned and look at his sister…but she was no there. There were no people around his table.

Mrs Cheong had parked her car and went to the mamak stall to look for her kids only to be told by Troy that Kandi is missing. The frantic mother and son anxiously asked the worker who told them he did not anybody – the son was sitting alone! To all to the confusion an elderly Indian lady who was at the mamak stall jumped in and insisted she saw someone sitting at Troy’s  table and pestering him but it was a young fat Indian girl.

Amid the total chaos, Kandi and her friend strolled into the mamak stall. The relieved Mrs Cheong and Troy and interrogated on where she went. A bewildered Kandi said that she was in her Music class and did not go out.. and her friend confirmed it! 

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