Saturday, November 14, 2015

What The Heck!

What The Heck!
“What The Heck!” startled she let out a short muffled scream as she quickly jumped back ….

Toni is a somewhat tom-boyish girl of 23 had a job interview in Termeloh in Pahang. The town is located in the central portion of the state and is second largest after the state capital Kuantan.
Toni’s mother had contacted her cousin, Mrs Tee, and luckily managed to persuade her cousin to let her daughter to stay with them for a couple of days.

Toni met up his Mrs Tee together with her husband and two sons. They lived in the outskirt of Temerloh town in a partially concrete and wooden house. She was given a back room that was that was behind the kitchen. Mrs Tee explained that they have to clear up that tiny room which was originally used as a store for the family.

That night Toni was extremely tired for having taken a bus trip from her hometown. As she was about to fall asleep she notice that the air in that room was strangely getting cooler. She wrapped her make-shift blanket around her body and she was so tired she just slept.

Toni went for her job interview and she was back at the Tee’s house. She found the family extremely friendly especially aunty Tee. That night after she got to bed, she awoke to a very strong smell of Tiger Balm medication. Looking at her watch which shows 2 am, she wondered whether everyone were alright.

Tiger Balm Ointment

Tiger balm is a menthol-based soothing heat rub ointment herbal remedy for pain-relieving headaches, muscle ache or even itchiness.

Out of sheer curiosity she got off her bed and made her way to the living/dining room. However there was nobody there and no lingering tiger balm scent. Thinking it must be her imagination she went back to her small back room.

As she walk to her bed she had a brief glimpse of a very black shadow flashing by her….and the strong smell of tiger balm was in the whole room!

Toni was not the type that believes in ghost and spells but nonetheless went to sleep in the couch in the living room. 

After Toni got back home she telephoned Mrs Tee to thank her for allowing her to stay in her house. During their conversation Toni casually mentioned the back room. She was told that back room was just for storing purposes…. and before it Mrs Tee’s mother bedroom before she passed away 10 years ago….and yes, Mrs Tee’s mother used a lot of Tiger Balm!

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