Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Locked Room

The Locked Room

Landlord rented to tenants with a locked room in memory of their dead son.

Roger Ling rented a shared bedroom with Anand in Sungai Petani in the state of Kedah. The master bedroom was rented to a married couple but the third room was locked. The uncle and aunty (Mr  & Mrs Lee)  told that room was securely locked and it was their dead son’s room. The tenants were told that room had many sweet memories for them and were warned that they under no circumstances would they be allow from going to that room.  

Mr & Mrs Lee also mentioned that their daughter has been persistent that they should stay with her. Their daughter argued that with them there it will be easier to look after them especially if they are sick.

Over the next few months nothing really happened except Roger and other tenants heard faint shuffling & squeaking sounds especially at nights. They thought it must be rats or some rodents in the house.

 One day Roger woke up in the late morning and as expected all tenants have left for work. As Roger is a student in a local college and that day he had afternoon classes. Roger went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and followed up with a quick shower.

As he was walking to his bedroom his mobile phone started to ring with his usual ring tone. He turned and looked down to mobile phone with the charger connected to it. The charger with its wires was there but the mobile phone was not there. Thinking he must have left the mobile phone in the bathroom, he rushed to the bathroom.

Typical Mobile Phone

As Roger was walking to the bathroom he suddenly realized the ring tones was coming in the side. He turned his head….the ring tones was coming from the locked bedroom!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mere Coincidence

Mere Coincidence

Some of the people I met told me that they had faced scary and unnatural situations but instead decided to brush it off as only mere coincidence.

There are some on the other hand who claimed that they have visited haunted places and they did find anything and thereby concluded that ghosts do not exist. In any case here are two stories of people who said it was just “mere coincidence” of their incidents.

Karmila and her husband went to Hotel Equatorial in Melaka for a few days. Karmila had to attend a meeting and her husband was on holiday. On that particular day Kamila came back early while her husband was still sightseeing.

Bathroom Facilities in Hotel Equatorial in Melaka

As it was still early, Karmila took an afternoon nap and after that decided to go for a shower. After she was done, she was at the bathroom mirror when unexpected she the sound of her husband opening their hotel door.

She was slightly puzzled as she clearly remembered her husband said the tour was a full day. Karmila called out to her husband but did there was response. Hate it when they don’t answer, she wrapped her towel about her body and when looking for her husband. She went to the living room and there was nobody there, she even when to their bedroom…there was nobody there. Karmila thought the sound must be one of the customer’s opening their front door.

She went to the bathroom and was vigorously rubbing her hair when she looked down the towel and noticed a pair of feet! She jumped backwards on impulse to get away and saw ….nothing.
Karmila claimed that it was just her imagination but ….

 The other story is about Mrs Yam who spent almost 2 months after the birth of her grandchild. Mrs Yam being a traditional woman insisted of cooking for her daughter-in-law during the confinement period.