Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scary Footprints

Scary Footprints

…..they crept slowly about the deserted house where they found a series of footprints then they followed into the empty living room…

I was going to start on the original story but I was reminded of another story about hearing of mysterious footprints and so on, so let me start with that first.

Kelly Lin claimed never actually seen a ghost but she personally recollects a mysterious and eerie incident. Kelly left for the Meinong District in Taiwan to attend one of her cousin’s wedding. She stayed with her relatives while staying there.

His aunty brought out her to have lunch at a food stall for lunch before driving her home as the aunty has to work. Kelly was left alone and she sat on the sofa in the living room busy and preoccupied with her phone. She suddenly heard that was somebody upstairs and it sounded like a kid giggling and there were sound of footsteps of someone shuffling or dragging their feet.

Kelly was a bit surprised because as far as she knew nobody else was supposed to be in….much more a kid! She yelled but there was no reply but the sound of giggling continued. Feeling slightly frustrated she went upstairs when the giggling suddenly stopped. When she got upstairs she found the rooms were empty. She could have sworn that she heard the sound of a little kid giggling and the footsteps but she could have imagined the whole thing.

When she went to the relatives again a year later, Kelly was unpacking her clothes in the guest room in upstairs. She was clearly shocked when she heard the sound of a kid giggling in one of upstairs room. She rushed into the rooms of the upper portion but found that there was no one around! She did asked her uncle and aunty but they confirm they did not hear anything.

For the second story, Zaidi was a constable in the town of Tawau in the state of Sabah in East Malaysia. One night there were a lot of complaints from a certain neighborhood that someone seemed to be in a deserted house. Zaidi and his partner were instructed to check out the house in the neighborhood.

 Image of a Footprint

Monday, July 7, 2014

Was I Possessed?

Was I Possessed?

She reluctantly conceded that their house is haunted but was utterly horrified that she might actually be possessed as well.

When Neal and Denise shifted to Kuala Kangsar in the state of Perak, Malaysia, they were lucky to buy an old resident place which was surprising were in their budget. The couple together with their young daughter and Neal’s mother quickly settled in.

As a young married couple both Neal and Denise got into occasional minor quarrels and spats but they were generally a happy couple. However after living for a few months they seemed to be constantly involved in angry outburst and vicious rows.  Almost every day they will be screaming until the lingering heartbreak and numbness which seem at times impossible to bear.

During this period there were also a number of strange and weird incidents in the house. For instance Neal’s mother was woken up from her sleep when she heard the couple quarreling. She walked to her grandchild’s bedroom and found the little girl fast asleep. She was going to talk to the couple what was wrong again when she felt so drowsy that she felt asleep by her grandchild’s bed. While falling to sleep Neal’s mother heard the sound of a man snickering.  Even Neal’s and Denise’s young child was not spared who complained that he is seeing an “uncle” (a shadow of a man) in the corners of the house.

Neal came back from work and found Denise sitting on the bedroom putting the clothes away. Neal said excitedly that should go out for dinner just the two of them like they used to do. He added that he that he had informed his cousin to bring his mother and their young daughter out for dinner with the cousin’s family. Denise was a bit reluctant and wary but agreed to go Neal for dinner.

After a wonderful dinner that night Neal finally said that it his fault but he felt there was something wrong with their house…that he seemed like he was possessed.  Denise was surprised and taken aback…it was exactly the same way that she felt!

They decided to enlist the help of a pastor but after performing the cleansing ceremony, things were okay until the couple’s young daughter saw the “uncle” again. The dark figure was again standing at the back of her bedroom. When they told the pastor what happened, he was shock and said that will bring another old pastor in a nearby town who has more experience with spirits.

After the older pastor has done blessing, he looked at the couple and said the ghost would NOT leave. His advice that the couple and the rest of the family should leave as soon as possible!

Neal’s mother while walking to the car and leaving that house, she glanced at the window of the bedroom…she saw a dark figure and he was carrying a noose … or a hanging rope!

Although the new place was much smaller than the previous house they felt much better away with the constant fights and spats (and away from the ghost).