Monday, January 5, 2015

Deceased Loved Ones

Deceased Loved Ones

I have heard numerous stories of people’s ghostly encounters in graveyards, hospitals, or even in shopping malls.

A Tombstone of a Piano in a local Memorial Park

However its actually touching that some spirits seemed to “relive” their whole existence just being closed to someone for the rest of lives. At times, they seem to spend their whole life of their natural or unnatural lives with their hosts until the hosts die. Let me relate to you of two similar stories that I have personally encountered.

1st Story
I am especially close to a young girl, Kelly (at that time) when she finally married with a great guy and together they stayed with the Jay’s parents. The courtship lasted over 10 years and throughout that time together they faced tough times like when the young man lost his only and younger brother from illness and the time Kelly had a miscarriage of their first child but of course to much happier times together.

One day, a close friend Jay who was working in Singapore came back to KL and looking for a permanent place to stay. Jay’s close friend also invited a famous medium from Singapore to have a look at his apartment. Jay and Kelly were equally excited as they were trying to buy a neighbor’s unit and merge their 2 units together.

When they finally reached the ‘2’ apartments, the medium was busy looking at all the nooks and crannies and were generally satisfied except for some minor renovations that he wanted. After the visit to their apartments, they went to an eating place near the budget hotel room that they rented a room for the medium (there is a belief that allow the mediums can only accept Spartan or frugal gifts).

While eating, the medium casually said….”looks like you got 2 regulars ghost spirts in your house …a young boy and a baby spirit!” Kelly and Jay were completely shocked (as only their closest family members were aware……Jay’s younger brother died in parents apartment and the baby ghost can only refer to Kelly’s miscarriage a few years back!!!