Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spooky Grandmas’ Stories

Spooky Grandmas’ Stories

The special ties and bonds that grandparents have for their grandchildren are probably one of the greatest cherish relationship of all. I have for you 2 very special, touching but eerie stories about grandmas when they have passed away.

Pearl was only about 7 years old (mid 1970s) at that time and her grandma was coming from Terengganu in two weeks’ time for Pearl’s birthday. However shortly before Pearl’s grandma can make the trip to Malacca, she passed away suddenly but peacefully.

Pearl’s parents had to rushed down to Terengganu to prepare for Pearl’s grandma funeral. Pearl was not allowed to go because she had to go to school and maybe Pearl’s parents did not want Pearl to face heartbreak of her grandma’s funeral.

After Pearl’s parents got back from the funeral, they noticed that Pearl was still distressed about her grandmother’s sudden death. Pearl had not wanted a birthday party that year but her parents persuaded her to have a small celebration in their house.
A Vintage Telephone (

That night after the celebration, after presents from her family, she walked to the living room when the old dialing phone (or rotary phone) started to ring continuously. Pearl tried to look for her parents but realized they were at the back in the kitchen.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unexplainable Incidents

Unexplainable Incidents
Have you encountered a weird and strange incident that defies a logical scientific or common sense explanation? An unnatural phenomenal that one cannot understand…unless its an act from the supernatural, ghostly, guardian angel or even a ‘time-warp’. These are 3 different encounters and these are their stories.

Story 1
Daryl Ho, aged 17 at that time, was returning home after soccer practice with friends that evening. Daryl was rushing home and upon reaching the road cross junction, he hurriedly look to make sure that were no cars. He rode his bicycle across the deserted junction when he suddenly heard a voice yelling from inside his head, “STOP”. 

Deserted Road Cross Junction (

Daryl was so shocked that he hurriedly applied the emergency brake on his bicycle and he stumbled crashing on the side of the road. At the exact same time, the BMW car sped at very high speed sweeping across the road without even stopping. The very fast travelling BMW missed hitting Daryl by mere centimeters.  

Daryl always wondered whether he actually heard the mysterious voice asking him to stop and avoid hitting the speeding vehicle….

2nd Story
Clare and her cousin Vicky were both from Perak but they took the train to Singapore. Clare had an interview from a company and tomboyish Vicky was there to provide some moral support.

When Clare was finished with the job interview, she noticed that Vicki had on her hairpin. She casually asked her cousin for her hairpin back. Vicky was a bit defensive and she retorted, “I will return hairpin to you when I am done with it”.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

There are Ghosts Even in Daytime!

There are Ghosts Even in Daytime!

Do you know that there are ghosts even during day time! Although ghosts are believe to be more aggressive at nights but some people some believe ghosts exist even during the day.

The Heng family moved to a house at Bayan Lepas in the island state of Penang and they found that something were terribly wrong with the house. They heard strange weird voices and saw uncanny things during the night and even during daytime. (They specially stated that their address cannot be disclosed as they hope to sell their property)

During the nights, they found the lights were continuously turned off. Even the electricians say that could not find anything wrong with the electrical wiring. They also found that when they woke up the next morning, in the store room beside the kitchen, there was a strong smell of someone smoking (none of the Hengs’ smoke) and also a stench of perspiration or sweat. Their family cat, Missy, seemed to be highly agitated or strung-out, shriek and hissed staring intently at empty space. The incident with Missy occurred many times not only night time but also during day time. In fact, the incidents frightened Missy (the ‘Fraidy Cat’) so much, she disappeared and left home for good, never to be seen again!

To make it worse, the inexplicable acts happened even the daytime. Once, Mindy, the youngest daughter left her laptop in the living room while she was taking a shower. When she got back her mother complained (aiyoo!) that her lunch was getting cold.

Wall Clock in the Living Room

As she was getting ready to have lunch, the wall clock facing directly in the living room suddenly fell crashing onto the floor. The curtains were all closed and there were no wind.