Sunday, June 30, 2013

ATM Ghost

ATM Ghost

Two girls going to the ATM’s machine one night encountered an unexpected and horrifying sight.
As everybody knows that ATM (automatic teller machine) is the closest thing nowadays just by inserting a card we can make a cash withdrawal...provided you have the funds. Miss those days when you have to fill up the withdraw forms and line up at the counter and patiently wait for the bank tellers.

Jasmine Ooi lives with her parents and her sister, Annie, in Taman Molek in Johor. One night after dinner she kept put off going to the ATM until the TV series is over and it was nearly 11 pm. Having to work the next day and refusing his father’s offer for a temporary loan she finally decided to go to ATM near her house. As it was late her father offered to drive her and little sister, Annie, to a local branch of her bank.

An ATM machine

When they reached the nearby shops, the streetlamps were well lit but it was full of cars and their father had to double-parked his car. The two girls were strolling to the ATM which was located at the end of the shops.

When they arrived at the bank which houses the ATM they both noticed there was a lady with her back towards the two girls in the fully enclosed glassed panels enclosure. When the lady turned to walk out to the glass paneled, they were slightly surprised that the lady was not only wore a bright red dress but she was wearing a dark sunglasses. How strangely weird Jasmine thought silently about the lady’s attire.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese Ghosts in Malaysia

Japanese Ghosts in Malaysia

Jamil and Arof decided to love their kites at Pantai Bahru at the beach and fishing village in Kelantan but they encountered an eerie and scary incident.

Pantai Bahru is located approximately 10 km from the state capital of Kota Bahru in Kelantan. It was the place that in 1941 the invasion of the Japanese army during the 2nd World War which eventually led to the surrender and downfall of Malaya and Singapore (if my history don’t fail me ... way before my time-lah).
Getting to my story, Jamil and Arof intended to go on that weekend to fly their kites (translation – laying-layang or wau) at that beach after driving from their house in Kota Bahru. By the time they were through with the kite flying it was already dark past 7pm and they gathered their stuff to go home.

Photo of Japanese Army

As they sat feeling the breeze blowing from the beach packing up their stuff, Jamil saw that a group of men were busy on the beach which was about 200 meters away. Arof who was chatting happily with Jamil also looked at the same scene at the beach. They could not see clearly due to the fading light, but the people were dressed in some kind of uniform. At the same time, they were puzzled that they could not hear any sound caused by the commotion of the people. Except for the sound from the breeze and the swishing sound of the waves there was absolutely no sound– like in an old fashioned silent movie! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time Is Up

Time Is Up

“Time is up”, said an old aunty of mine “when a person get to actually see deceased loved ones”.
Newpapers and the media have reported that before a person die, he or she gives a sign or gesture to their loved one before they go. Regardless of terminal illness, accidents or old age, these people somehow seem to realise that their time were up. Some people believe that they were informed by deceased loved ones like closed friends or relatives that their time to go is near.

They are actually able to forecast their death from this life. However some believe that is the work of evil demons and only pretends to know these people.  I know of two incidents of different people who have died who have encountered such similar experiences.  

Serene Chow’s father had cancer and he was resting in his bed one night. She heard her father was clearly mumbling and she went to check it out. When she got into her father’s bedroom she found her father resting in his bed alone. A bit puzzled she then asked her father was alright. He father mumbled that he was alright as it was late she better go to bed. However he refused to tell his daughter anything else. 

 When his aunt (his father’s sister) visited his father, through the crack of the bedroom door, she heard his father excitably telling his sister that he saw his deceased wife (Serene’s mother). Serene’s father passed away three days after that.

The next experience was Dale Choong went back to Batu Pahat for his college holidays. He was staying with his family and his grandmother. On his last night in Batu Pahat he stayed back with his sister when the rest of their family for dinner with some of their relatives. At about 9pm his grandmother woke up and when to the dining room for her dinner. 

While his grandmother was eating her porridge Dale and his sister walked into the dining room and sat down. Dale told his grandma he was going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. His grandma nodded but they surprised when she asked why no told her that Aunt June is dead. (recap : Dale’s family used to stay in Taiping, Perak and their parents invited old Aunt June to stay with them as old Aunt June was being build. Old Aunt June was placed at the back of their house which was adjacent to Dale’s grandma bedroom. With the family busy with everyday stuff, the two elderly ladies spent alot of time together. When the Aunt June’s house was finally done she moved away from their house. At the same time, Dale’s father got a better job and then moved to Batu Pahat in Johor. After the move we heard that Aunt June had passed away. We were told not to mention about old Aunt June’s death to Dale’s grandma as she might think it was her turn to die).

Friday, June 21, 2013

Old Capitol Cinema

Old Capitol Cinema

A man relates some of his spooky and frightening experiences while working in the old Capitol Cinema.

I remember as a teenager my friends and I would spend our time at the many cinemas in the late 1970s. Apart from cinema shows, we had a great time chit-chatting among ourselves and of course trying to pick up girls (not very successful....) 

Ah Fook who at that time, was working as an assistant manager at the Capitol cinema at Seremban in Negeri Sembilan. As an assistant manager he also had to work as a cashier at the ticketing booth and as the ticketing attendant when some staff were resigned or quit. Over time he told us of his most spooky and frightening experiences working at the movie house. 

Photo of Capitol cinema in Seremban (by

In the first incident, 2 girls were in the cinema when halfway through the show when the first girl had to go to the toilet. She asked the other girl to accompany her was so engrossed with the movie and merely grumbled. Both the girls entered the female toilet and the first girl rushed to a cubicle. When she was done she went to a basin to wash her hand when she heard flushing sound from another cubicle in the toilet. She waited patiently for her friend but after 10 minutes, she asked her friend to hurry up at the same time she shoved the door leading to the cubicle.

The cubicle was empty!...puzzled the first girl quickly looked back at the series of basins or sinks ... with the taps with water on full blast! The first girl just screamed and screamed. It was said that the second girl did not follow her friend as she was engrossed with the movie and the first girl was the actually alone!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Central Market in Kuala Lumpur – a Strange Tale

Central Market in Kuala Lumpur – a Strange Tale

Central Market (or commonly known by the locals as Pasar Seni) is the most iconic and most well known place in Kuala Lumpur, maybe in Malaysia. It was founded in 1888 and it represents all ethnic and racial heritages in the country. Consisting of stalls that sell handicrafts and souvenirs which including eating stalls.

Central Market (Pasar Seni) in Kuala Lumpur

Mina was working as an assistant for a stall in Central Market in down town Kuala Lumpur. One day after work, Mina and Pam (who works at a nearby stall) were waiting at the eating stall for the downpour from the rain to stop. It was virtually impossible to catch the bus when it rains so heavily.

As they were sitting at the eating stall, Mina noticed a couple, with their back turned from them, were seated at the far end of the eating stall. The young teen couple, they had school uniforms on, were seated closed together. At the same time, Mina and Pam were busy chatting to each other and both were busy sms-ing from their mobile phones. 

When finally the rain has slowed down, both Mina and Pam were tied-up packing their handbags and umbrellas when Mina realized that the couple were also leaving. When the couple turned and walk away Mina grasp something was not right as they seem to walking in a weird dreamlike posture.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ghostly Child Handmarks

Ghostly Child Handmarks

Missy, an eleven year old girl, is rushing to back her knacksack for a night with her friend’s house for the night. 

Missy’s mother was still working so her father had to pick her up to spend a night at a friend’s place. It was already past 7pm when they finally arrived at the house with her father busy getting Missy’s stuff from their car. Missy’s friend and mom were already waiting for her in the front porch.

The night in the neighbourhood was quiet dark and windy the streetlights were poorly lit. As Missy was getting out their car she casually looked at the darken neighbourhood and could barely make out a little girl in a white dress standing beside a tree. The tree was located at the opposite of the neighbourhood road from her father’s car. 

Missy turned and pointed at the girl to her father and asked, “Who’s that little girl?” Her father, already late for his appointment, angrily muttered, “Don’t be a busybody!” Missy’s friend and her mom arrived at their car to say their “hullos”. Missy’s father thanked them for allowing his daughter to spend a night at their house.

Later when Missy and her friend were lying in bed talking about school and boys when they heard a constant irritating scratchy sound from their upper bedroom. Curious and giggling they decided to get out of bed and crept to the bedroom window. Looking out in the darkness which was only dimly lighted and the windy conditions that night they could not see much.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ghostly Hide & Seek

Ghostly Hide & Seek

In the 1970s, Nordin lived with his family in the sleepy town of Alor Star in Kedah. After school one evening, Nordin (“Din” – short form) his brothers, sister and some of their neighbourhood were playing.
They were playing the childhood and traditional games like like guli, gasing, layang (translated – marbles, tops, kites) around the neighbourhood. They were warned many times by the adults not to go to a nearby deserted house but of course “it comes out one ear and out the other”. One of the girls persuaded them of a game of ‘Hide n Seek”.

A Game of Hide n Seek

While they were playing Hide n Seek, Din heard their mother calling for them and they reluctantly had to call the game over before their mother was got angry. Din was in one of the living room in the deserted house when he walked back pass the toilet on his way out. He saw his sister, Kak Min, walking briskly from the toilet when he briefly looked at the toilet.

Kak Min was hurriedly walking from the broken toilet when he saw a little girl sitting beside the sink and she had her arms about her knees in a squatting position. Before he could say anything  Kak Min motioned to him to hurry up and they rushed off. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vacation to Genting View Resort

Vacation to Genting View Resort
Dennis, his girlfriend and his family had a trip plan to Genting View Resort in Genting Highlands for a vacation. They planned for a wonderful trip but was cut short by series of eerie and strange events during their trip. Dennis likes to say that “I don’t want to believe in ghosts but I don’t want to piss them off either”.

Photo of Genting View Resort in Genting Highlands

Genting View Resort (GVR) is part of the Genting group consisting of over 160 acres of natural green, calming and untouched land. Its cool climate and is over 1000 metres above sea level. GVR is located at about 10 kilometers from the highest point from Genting Highlands and they planed to visit Stawberry Farm, Skyway Cable Car, Insect World and theme parks. It also consist of the infamous casino the only one in the country.

Denis and his cousin’s family arrived at GVR before noon and after checking in they planned a quick lunch at the KFC and then off to the theme park. They got back at the hotel at about 6 pm and Denis and his cousin brother were drinking beer and chit-chatting. His cousin’s wife was taking their young son for a bath but the little boy was making a big fuss.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Past Memories of a Chinese New Village

Past Memories of a Chinese New Village

Mrs Lai have many remarkable happy, sad and eerie stories about living in the 1960s in a Chinese New Village in Tanjung Malim, Selangor. 

Her parents were rubber tappers and she lived with 4 other siblings in New Village at Tanjung Malim in Selangor. The like other people they were extremely poor but live a blissful life of swimming in rivers, climbing trees and stealing fruits for the kids at that time.

A Typical Chinese New Village

An incident happened when she was about 10 - 11 years old a long time ago, when she was with her brother and they were walking back to their home. It was late evening at the time and they were rushing back as their mother would give them hell for coming back so late.

Walking in the gravel road they saw three people (she guess it must be a father, wife and a young boy) walking behind them. When they were slightly surprised when the family suddenly walked in a small footpath filled with over grown lalangs (long coarse weeds) away from the gravel road. She did want to be a ‘kaypoh’ (busybody) so did say anything but hurriedly along the narrow road.

As they walked past the family in different direction they noticed something odd about their walk. As if they slightly were like gliding among the tall lalangs. As they were busy walking they casually looked again at the family which was much further away they suddenly realize the reasons the difference of walking. The family, the father, mother and the young boy, did not have legs!..... She looked at her brother shocked and in disbelief…screaming and blabbering they took off for their lives and both of them ran all the way back to their house.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Scary Movement of Lifeless Objects

Scary Movement of Lifeless Objects

Two tales of scary movements of lifeless or common everyday objects like tables, stools, marbles or mobile phones but today specifically were about chairs. 

The first incident was related by Mohd  Ali who was staying at that time in a hostel for students at a local college. There are 2 blocks one for male and female students staying at the hostel. Mohd Ali said that the girls were spooked especially when one student of the two female students goes back to their “kampung” (hometown). They are two students in a room. Of course, he said that the students (especially the females) are welcome to stay in his room – hardy har har!

Anyway, Roshmah was left alone in left alone one night as her roommate had to go back for a wedding at her home town. When she was sleeping she heard a long series of loud scratching sound in her room. She got up sleepily and saw a plastic chair was directly facing her bed just beside her. She was slightly puzzled as she did not remember putting the chair there, especially facing her bed. She got up and moved the chair behind her study table and promptly felt asleep again.

A Plastic Chair

Rosmah woke again after several hours again with the loud sound of someone moving things in her room. She was sleeping facing the wall when she quickly turned directly to face the direction of the study table. Adieu! the plastic chair has moved directly at her bed and once again is facing her! As if something was watching her sleeping. She rushed off, without even taking her blanket, to her friends’ room in that same hostel.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kingwood Hotel, Sibu – haunted?

Kingwood Hotel, Sibu – haunted?

John Lai stayed three nights at Kingwood Hotel where he faced an eerie and frightening series of events.

Kingwood Hotel is an international 4-star hotel located in the town of Sibu, Sarawak and the only hotel in Sibu that can boast of an idyllic view of the mighty Rejang River.
John Lai is the manager of an IT company in Kuching and he was chosen for a seminar in Sibu, Sarawak. As the seminar was located near to Kingwood Hotel he booked a room for himself for three nights. 

Night view of Kingwood Hotel in Sibu

After John Lai has checked into the room he found the room dimly lit with the windows covered with heavy curtains. He felt like he was pressed by a heavy pressure on his chest and he was basically extremely unease or uncomfortable. Quickly he opened the closed curtains with the bright sunlight flowing through he slowly felt much better and lighter. Thinking it was just stress he did not think much about the incident.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trekking to Gunung Nuang

Trekking to Gunung Nuang

A young man’s account of his and friends eerie experiences of their trekking expedition to Gunung Nuang.

Gunung Nuang or Mount Nuang (or in English) is a hill located at the peak of Hulu Langat in the state of Selangor adjacent to Pahang state. At about 1,500 meters or 5,000 feet high, Gunung Nuang can seen from Kuala Lumpur or Genting Highlands and is part gravel, dirt road with thorns, roots, muds, trees with streams. Basically Gunung Nuang is used a training ground for trekking among runners and climbers.

Foothpath to Gunung Nuang

Fahrin and his friends when on an expedition trekking to Gunung Nuang one weekend. Everything was fine on the way to the peak of the hill but in the evening on the way back it started raining heavily literally like cats and dogs. Their clothes were soaked and totally drenched from the pouring rain as they marched single file along the footpath. Fahrin, being more experience with trekking, moved back slowly to make sure the newer members are still there.